asymmetry/symmetry in the semantic space

In the depth dimension of the semantic space the bipolar asymmetry/ symmetry is characterized by the degree of difference in length and direction of the contour lines of a shape and in the regular distribution of the points of interest such as the angles, crossings and contrasts. In principle, this parameter distinguishes itself from the height dimension of the semantic space, in which the degree of order receives a moral loading in the sense of unclean / clean. Similarly, there is an influence on the width dimension of the semantic space in which a multiplicity of unequal parts causes unrest. Although an unorganized, asymmetrical shape can indeed seem very soothing, such as is the case in nature. However, it has been shown that in practice, when a designer elicits a sense of unrest in a design, it is often accompanied by an increased degree of asymmetry as described above. (Michiels, 2016)