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*Rudolf Laban, (1966, 2011)



  • Gathering and scattering
    ‘Bending all of our joints and curling up into a ball’. Laban called this gathering. Contrastingly, we can stretch all of our limbs into a star like position, stretching even our fingers, to extend our kinesphere. This is called scattering. (Newlove, 2004)
  • Laban’s ‘pressing’ as a basic effort

    Translated to the dimensional space of genetic semantics with Laban’s dimensions : Direct (Depth), Sustained (Breadth), Strong (Height), pressing is associated with the code 000 (Blue).

    Laban The Cube

    Rudolf Laban, (1966, 2011) Eight Basic Efforts. Pressing = Direct, Sustained, Strong. Pressing is applied to pushing, crushing and squeezing (pressing from both directions). It is efficient in its use of space and is performed with bound flow which means that the action can be paused but not completely stopped. However, there is still a sense of fluency similar to the glide. Gravity and weight are closely aligned with this effort as they can help or hinder you depending on the direction in which you are pressing.