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*Rudolf Laban, (1966, 2011)



  • Laban’s ‘slashing’ as a basic effort
    Translated to the dimensional space of genetic semantics with Laban’s dimensions : Flexible (Depth), Sudden (Breadth) , Strong (Height), Slashing is associated with the code 101 (Red).
    Laban The Cube
    Rudolf Laban, (1966, 2011) Eight Basic Efforts. Slashing = Flexible, Sudden, Strong. This effort is usually performed with free flow. When we think of slashing, the general though is a sword slashing towards an object and meeting resistance. When performing, this effort tend to fade into a float at the point it would meet resistance.
  • Symmetry and asymmetry in body posture

    A symmetrical posture is an attitude in which the arms and legs are held in identical position on the left and right. Someone who adopts a symmetrical attitude shows respect or submission to something or someone else. For example, people who pray, from whatever culture, always assume a symmetrical posture. For example, they are kneeling with folded hands or standing with their hands raised.
    When we feel comfortable in a person’s presence, we adopt an asymmetrical posture. So sometimes we cross our legs, we lean towards one side, or we hang out a bit.
    (Roebers, 2013)