PIGMENT MIXpurple + blue
RGB82 0 191*
CMYK265 100 75 0*
namesblue-purple, bleu-violet

connected colours

*The colour code represents a colour proposition within a defined colour range. Small variations in hue, lightness and saturation are valid and appropriate in function of environmental factors such as lighting, adjacent colours, space, and texture. At the same time you must preserve the essence of the original colour identity. For example, white-0, a very light-blue shade, should mainly be perceived as white and not as blue. Likewise, red-0, a fuchsia red, should be perceived as belonging to the red and not the purple family, although a purple aspect must be present.


  • ‘Fantasy’ and colour in Germany

    Fantasy: blue 18%, purple 18%, yellow 13%, …
    blue is the positive side of fantasy. It stands for utopian ideas whose realization lies in the distance. In the nefarious purple the negative side of fantasy is symbolized, namely the proximity of the lie. The negative aspect is reinforced by the third colour of the fantasy: yellow is the colour of the untruth.
    Heller E. (1989)