RGB242 0 12*
CMYK357 100 95 0*
namescrimson, scarlet, tomato-red, bright-red

connected colours

*The colour code represents a colour proposition within a defined colour range. Small variations in hue, lightness and saturation are valid and appropriate in function of environmental factors such as lighting, adjacent colours, space, and texture. At the same time you must preserve the essence of the original colour identity. For example, white-0, a very light-blue shade, should mainly be perceived as white and not as blue. Likewise, red-0, a fuchsia red, should be perceived as belonging to the red and not the purple family, although a purple aspect must be present.


  • Forbidden fruit
    Lucas Cranach, Adam and Eve, 1526. WikiCommons

    The paintings of the Garden of Eden, also called the earthly paradise, use the colour combination brown-on-green often in company with a bright red ball shaped fruit. Nowadays the colour triad is widely used in the design of childrens playgrounds and smoothie bars.

  • EdenRed

    EdenRed is a French company that supplies consumer vouchers to companies.. Edenred is the inventor of Ticket Restaurant, created in 1962. The reference to the garden of Eden (paradise), the connection with good food, consumption, the crimson red, all fit under the same code of red-6 (code brown-on-green, level-64). Which contains related words such as: consume, greedy, gourmandise, delight, for free, paradise. The spherical shape is a primary shape that is classified under code primary red (level-8). Which is a construction of dimensional words such as: round, convex, rich.
    The photo shows an advertising campaign “You can have your lunch here” in the central station of Antwerp (Belgium).
    (Inez Michiels, DSD 2021)

    Advertising campaign “You can have your lunch here” in the central station of Antwerp (Belgium). Photo credit Inez Michiels