composition few/many
adjective breadth dimensionbreadth dimension LEFTbreadth dimension RIGHT

A composition with a multitude of shapes is an overloaded composition. On the other hand there is the static austerity of eg. minimalism. This corresponds to activation and the breadth dimension of the semantic space. This is also about under-stimulation versus overstimulation, the amount of information that is experienced. The level of visual stimuli causes an effect that can be measured physiologically. Under-stimulation by monotony (solid colour fields and minimal structure) causes restlessness, irritation, poor concentration and perception disorders. While overstimulation by eg. intensive contrasts in shape patterns or colour fields, increase breathing, heartbeat, blood pressure and the muscle tension. (Meerwein, 2007; Berlyne & Donell, 1965).

The contrast few / many is comparable to poverty and wealth. Poor in elements is sober, rich in elements is overloaded. Poverty and wealth are part of the left / right meaning. According to the metaphor, this is a breadth* parameter in the semantic space. (Alpaerts, 1982)

A multitude of elements and directional changes in a composition has an increased effect on dynamics. (Michiels, 2016)