shape even/odd
adjective depth dimension


‘Egotism’ and colour in Germany

Egotism: black 22%, yellow 17%, gold 9%, …
Heller (1989)

One-eyed giant

The concept of the cyclopes as one-eyed giants, always coming in three, uncivilized and wild, builders of wall’s and of the thunderbolt of Zeus, orientated in the Semantic Colour Space.

I. Michiels, red.

Proverbs and sayings: equal/disunity

Lakoff and Johnson (1999) saw that there are many proverbs and sayings that have to do with form characteristics and emotions. Parallel / equal movement / oneness: togetherness, concomitant, positive, appropriate, power, strong, suitable, assisted, helped. Perpendicular / disunity: wrong, not combining, opposing, less strong, hindering.

The amount of corners or points of attention in a shape can be even or odd. A point is the most odd shape, a line is an even shape, consisting of two points. A triangle has three corners, a square has four etc.

Odd numbers often appear in a religious context. ‘One’ relates to the God. ‘Three’ is the heavenly trinity. ‘Five’ is the spiritual pentagram. ‘Seven’ are the holy steps to nirvana. While even numbers tend to relate to arithmetic and mathematics. ‘Two’ is the basis for a digital system. There are ‘six’ sides and ‘eight’ corners on a cube, relating to spacial mathematics. We count with the decimal system.