Fate and supernatural healing power, a semantic construction

Venus of Laussel, Dordogne France.

The South Slavic Vily, the Mother Goddess, usually appearing in triplicate, unites several concepts that are given a clear place in the Semantic Colour Space and are represented by a shift in colour combinations. Vily is both the deliverer of abundance (green-4), depicted with a filled horn (white-4), determiner of fate (white-on-green), she does charity (white-on-green), and in addition does she possess supernatural healing powers (white-on-blue). (Vyncke, 1969)

The movement here is then from green-4 to blue. Keywords under this sign includes: womb, fortune.

Relief on a brick of the parish church in Altenkirchen, depicting Svantovit with his emblems, the horn and the moustache (a sign of warriors). Source: https://viaelectri.com/tpost/uo06lny2m1-pilgrimage-to-arkona

Later on, the horn attribute is taken over by male gods, who combine fertility, abundance, and male potent power in one deity. A good example is the Slavic god Sventovit, who was not only a warrior god but also a famous oracle, who determined the fate of the clan’s endeavours. (Vyncke, 1969)

(I. Michiels, red.)