Basic and adjective dimensions of meaning

Within the semantic space there are basic and adjective dimensions of meaning. Compare this distinction and the mutual relation with nouns and adjectives. Eg. the red hat, where ‘hat’ gives the basic meaning and ‘red’ the adjective. ‘Red’ is a quality or a manner of ‘hat’.
In two-colour combinations it is the relation between the bottom or background colour and the top colour.

Basic meaning dimensions form the basis for the 8 primary composite colours, emotions, compositions, palettes, etc. These ‘codon’ meanings are situated on the eight corners of the semantic cube. Only for the 8 primary shapes an exception has been made to this rule. In the depth dimension the verticality (basis) was interchanged with the symmetry (adjective) parameter for reasons of easy visual recognition and user friendliness.

In turn, the basic and adjective meaning dimensions together form the basis for the meaning on the 64 level.

In the DSD this distinction is represented by axes on a white (adjective) or a black (basic) background.