Dimensional meaning overview



The depth dimension is about differences (BACK) or similarities (FRONT). Which is equivalent to us there we tend to seek contact with (FRONT). What is strange keeps us away (BACK). What lies behind us is distant (BACK), what lies ahead is close by (FRONT). The dimension distinguishes what we can see (what is in front of us), of what we can not see (what is behind us). In psychology this is the antagonism introverted (BACK) – extroverted (FRONT). In the emotional response the antagonism is unpleasant (BACK) – pleasant (FRONT). It is the theoretical dimension, about communication, the what question, the profound, the in depth.



The height is the dimension of the force of gravity. Things fall from top to bottom. What is heavy tends to go down (TOP to bottom), what is light in weight has a tendency to float upwards (BOTTOM to top). At the top is the power that dominates. At the bottom is the compliant. It is the hard (TOP) opposite to the gentle (BOTTOM), the strong (TOP) towards the weak (BOTTOM). Our head is the control centre of the body and is at the top. With our feet we stand on the earth. In psychology it is the contrast low cooperativeness (TOP) – high cooperativeness (BOTTOM). In the emotional response it comes to the degree of control one has over someone or something, with great control on top. This is the practical dimension, the how questions, the technical approach, the know-how.



The breadth is the dimension which is determined by the hands, to the left and to the right of the body. Left and right of the king are the representatives of the society (the classes). The Christian God divides humanity into the damned (LEFT) on his left side and the blessed (RIGHT) on his right hand side. The past (LEFT) we usually express with the left hand. Which lies in the future we express with the right hand (RIGHT) (Zhang & Schwarz, 2011). The past is associated with passivity (LEFT) and the present or the future with activity (RIGHT). Passivity means rest and the general decline of metabolic processes and glandular function. Activity accelerates the metabolic process and gland function increases. Primitive peoples showed a number of basic behaviours. The active primitive man was a hunter, his activity was focused on conquest and obtaining. A passive behaviour was self-preservation, defence, withdrawal (Lüscher & Scott, 1969). In psychology, these are the calm, rational people (LEFT) facing the emotional, spiritual ones (RIGHT). In the emotional reaction it is about the intensity that a person is touched. Low intensity is on the left side, high arousal on the right. It is the history dimension, the why questions.