Genetic semantic space

The semantic space must be read with BLUE situated in the back, top, left position.

In the DSD the data structure of genetic semantics is used to classify and orient key-concepts of meaning. This logical structure can be visualised as a cube with 8 primary colours on each corner.

The 8 primary colours are a visual representation of an abstract digital coding system. BLUE has the code 000. The first 0 shows the place of BLUE in the BACK, the second 0 on the TOP, the third 0 on the LEFT. YELLOW, as the total opposite of blue, has the code 111. The place of YELLOW is FRONT, BOTTOM, RIGHT. The colour blue can be described psychologically as inner (BACK), hard (TOP) and passive (LEFT). Yellow is an outer (FRONT), soft (BOTTOM) and active (RIGHT) colour.


In the semantic space BLACK (001) is opposite to WHITE (110), BLUE (000) to YELLOW (111), GREEN (010) to RED (101) and PURPLE (011) to BROWN (100).

The space is constructed out of 3 dimensions: depth, height and breadth. Each dimension stands for a distinguishing characteristic of meaning.