Green is the holy colour of Islam

Ibn al-‘Arabi, diagram of “Plain of Assembly”(Ard al-Hashr) on the Day of Judgment. Muhammad, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Green was the favorite colour of the prophet Muhammed. He was wearing a green cloak and a green turban. The most precious relic of Islam is the Sanschak-i-Scherif, the sacred banner. It is green with gold. It is the flag with which the prophet went to war and finally conquered Mecca. The fact that Muhammed proclaimed green to be his favorite colour was no coincidence that depended on his own taste. Muhammad (570-632) announced the revelations of the only god as they were explained in the Quran. He predicted the believers as wages for a godly life not ascetic and hypocritical hereafter, but a paradise full of sensual pleasures (Jannah). A life full of delight in enchanting landscapes, on flowering meadows, in shady forests and eternal oases. Green would be the dominant colour in paradise. This was and is a representation that raptures desert people. In the middle of the desert, green nature is overwhelming. It means the same as material and spiritual prosperity.
Heller (1989)