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‘Independency’ and colour in Germany

Independency: blue 27%, black 10%, gold 9%, …
Heller (1989)

Black and individuality

Whoever wants to show his individuality wears black. A black dress or a black suit has a distant effect. Black gives the wearer its dignity or at least unapproachability. The black clothing from the Reformation concentrated the appearance of a person on the face, the center of individuality. The existentialism around 1950 became a fashion phenomenon. The Sartre supporters wore black. As a colour of detachment, black clothing is popular with all groups that place themselves outside the crowd and do not want to adapt. Nozems, rockers or punks: the names change, but the favorite colour remains black.
Heller (1989)

The youth chooses black

They are mostly teenagers who like black.
Heller (1989)