Hearing room interior design

Corinna Spreen used the DSD for her masterproject 2018 at the University of Antwerp. The assignment was to redesign the interior of an old palace of justice in Belgium. In this case she presents her design for a hearing room.
Her notes are in dutch.


First she investigated the emotions and the atmosphere that the room radiates.
Mindmap emoties hoorkamer1

Followed by adjustments to how the emotions and atmospheres can be ameliorated.

Mindmap emoties hoorkamer2


She then makes an in-depth study in which the semantic dimensions from the DSD are applied with the aim of implementing the intended emotions in the design.

Eisen en emoties hoorkamer


She brings this data together in a work sheet in which color, shape and composition are selected and the choices are justified.

Onderzoek hoorkamer


A maquette is build and some adjustments made.
The technical drawing finalizes the project.

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