BUILDING BLOCK dimensional to 8-level


‘Masculinity’ and colour in Germany

Masculinity: blue 35%, black 20%, brown 13%, …
In modern symbolism, blue is the colour of masculinity. The old colour of masculinity is red. The cold, passion-free virtues are part of the male appearance of blue.
(Heller, 1989)

‘Protection’ and colour in Germany

Protection: brown 24%, red 18%, pink 15%, … (Heller, 1989)

‘Reliability’ and colour in Germany

Reliability: blue 27%, green 13%, brown 10%, … (Heller, 1989)

Brown and food

Brown is the colour of the strongest aroma. Roast meat is brown, baked dough and coffee, beer and chocolate are brown. It is the colour of the prepared and refined food. Brown is a colour that is rich in content. When light brown foods such as white bread and macaroni have a darker colour, they appear richer in calories. When you pay attention to calories, dark cake is more dangerous than light cake. Eggs with a brown shell appear to have a fuller taste than white ones. (Heller, 1989)

Horizontal and oblique lines

Roebers (2013) compared the effects of horizontal lines with sloping lines in motors and kettles. Opposite the horizontal lines in a form, the oblique lines look more dynamic, modern, robust.

Protective and cozy interior

As a colour for interior, brown appears positive. It is the colour of rustic materials such as wood, leather and unbleached wool. Although spaces with brown furniture and carpets appear smaller, they also provide a sense of security. Brown rooms are experienced as cozy because brown provides the ideal climate indoors. It is the colour that belongs to the heat without being hot. (Heller, 1989)