BUILDING BLOCK dimensional to 8-level


balanced objects

The more an object is in balance, the more stable and reliable it looks. (Roebers, 2013)

Gender, extraversion and emotionality according to Eysenck

Women are less extravert and emotionally less stable than men. (Eysenck, H. J., 1998)

im-balanced lines

An oblique line indicates an unstable situation, which causes unrest. Objects are found calmer, stronger and more controlled with more balance in the image and more restless, unstable and uncontrolled with an increasing degree of imbalance in the image (Van Rompay et al., 2005).

Old age and personality – 1

As people get older, they become less extrovert, less hard, and emotionally more stable.
Eysenck, H. J. (1998)