Fig.1/ Venus of Laussel, Dordogne France. The Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty is a legendary object, a symbol of prosperity and abundance, originally dating back to the earliest myths of mankind. One finds the first depictions of a horn already dating back from the Upper Palaeolithic. The Venus of Laussel (France, approximately 25,000 years old) is such … Continue reading Cornucopia

The number three in Slavic mythology

Triglav/Trzygłów – Slavic Three-Headed God. Source: Not only the Celtic mind is obsessed with the trinity. The Slavs also showed a special interest in the number three. In temple construction, there are triangular structures (Zuarasici), three entrance gates (Zuarasici), erected on the middle of three mountains (Triglav). The priests of Triglav and Sventovit used … Continue reading The number three in Slavic mythology


Rodzanice predicts fate ~ Magdalena Szynkarczuk A numen that recurs in the doctrinal scriptures, ecclesiastical statutes, and confessional questions is described as Rod-Rozanica. These data show that Rod-Rozanicy: seem to personify fate (they are equated with the terms 'fatum, fortuna'); have some connection with the cult of the dead. (On Boxing Day, a church-prohibited death … Continue reading Rod-Rozanica