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‘Fantasy’ and colour in Germany

Fantasy: blue 18%, purple 18%, yellow 13%, …
blue is the positive side of fantasy. It stands for utopian ideas whose realization lies in the distance. In the nefarious purple the negative side of fantasy is symbolized, namely the proximity of the lie. The negative aspect is reinforced by the third colour of the fantasy: yellow is the colour of the untruth.
Heller E. (1989)

Word choice and extraversion

Extroverts use less words that express negative emotions, and more words about friends and family. A report of an event will be presented subjectively and with its own interpretation. Extroverts use relatively more adjectives to describe behavior and less concrete descriptive action verbs. They often have lively and cheerful conversations in which they discuss multiple topics in a loose way. Extraverts process information in a global way. A looser way of looking at the world is related to a large degree of interpretation. They speak and respond more quickly in a conversation, but they are less scrupulous about the facts.

While introverts will provide a concrete and factual description, with fewer adjectives and more descriptive action words. They are often more serious in conversations, and focused on one subject. They process information precisely and focused. Introverts thinks well before they speak. This also fits with slower speaking, more frequent breaks and more precise formulation.
Beukeboom (2011)