colourful (varicoloured)



BUILDING BLOCK dimensional to 8-level


A-, mono- and multi-chromatic colour combinations

The study of Koenderink, Braun, and van Doorn (2021) on the affective responses to image color combinations observes that multi-chromatic colour combinations were perceived as lively, vivid, and cheerful, while mono-chromatic or achromatic combinations are experienced as calm, and gloomy.

Chroma level effect on activity

The chroma level has an effect on activity (Miyamoto, 2003). The brighter the colour, the more a sense of dynamism will emerge (Valdez & Mehrabian, 1994). The psychologists da Pos and Green-Armytage (2007) obtained the same result in their research into colours and basic emotions. Passive feelings such as sadness and fear are associated with very unsaturated monochrome colours, while active feelings such as happiness, surprise and anger are linked to bright and very contrasting colours.